Roklina was established in Lithuania in 1999. We are a small, high quality textile manufacturer, producing a wide range of products from natural fiber textiles to yarn and we are able to offer a wide range of clothing, accessories and home textiles in a variety of patterns and styles.

We are proud of our reputation for high standards and quality of work which we have with our clients. The bulk of Roklina production is exported to countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Faroe Islands, Germany, Great Britain, France, Japan and Greenland, that value exceptional and well produced natural knitwear products.

Our experienced craftsmen fulfill their work quickly, creatively and to a high standard. We aim to be flexible and can accomplish a wide range of different orders.



For more than a decade we have been producing various knitted products from exclusive Faroe Island sheep wool. Due to their special qualities, our products perfectly protects from the cold and moisture and are comfortable even in harsh climactic conditions.

The Faroe Island sheep has been bred in this country since the IX century. Over the centuries the wool has adapted itself so as to give maximum protection to the sheep in the changeable Faroe Island climate.

Roklina can guarantee the highest Faroe Island wool standards because it controls the imported Faroe Island wool quality and also takes part in the checking processes relating to sheep docking, wool teasing, dyeing and yarn spinning.

Our customers have the possibility to choose from our five natural yarn colors and more than 20 different shadings. According to our clients’ needs, we also have the possibility to produce the products from other natural fibers such as various kinds of wool or cotton



All of the products are knitted from our own, or from our client delivered yarn which is suitable for 5 or 7 class knitting machines. Our experienced craftsmen and available knitting gear can accomplish a wide range of different and elaborate orders.

We produce a wide range of mottled or plaint prints, starting from openwork and felt-like knitting to ornamented pieces with handmade decorations (needlework or other decorating elements). We apply different manufacturing techniques, which are best for the particular product. Garments can be made either from pre-knitted material by scissoring it up into different parts and sewing them together, or they can be knitted as one piece.



Our products – character full knitwear for women, men and children (coats, skirts, dresses, sweaters, cloaks); accessories (scarves, hats, gloves, slippers, bags); home textile (plaids, pillowcases).

Designs for our products have been developed by designers from the Faroe Islands in cooperation with our partner company “Sirri”. Also, products can be produced according our customers request.

We sell not only knitted products and textiles but also 100 percent wool thread of different thicknesses, and colors (natural or artificial), which can be packed in skeins, spools or balls.